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InstantInstallmentLoan.com services are fast and easy, as we do not require paper work or credit checks. When you are trying to get a payday loan, there are numerous websites that can match you with a lender. These sites can help you get the best possible deal on a loan without having to spend a lot of time doing research. It can take a long time to find the right lender if you are doing it all on your own, which is why these sites are so great. In this article we will cover everything you need to know.


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There are some conditions which you must fulfill in order to avail the payday loans. But you will be surprised our requirement are very flexible. 

Through InstantInstallmentLoan.com, getting an approval payday loans is as easy as filling out an online application.

  • Reside in the US.

    If you want payday loans from us, the first requirement is to be an adult residing in the United States, national or resident with a job, guarantor or proof of some kind of stable income.

  • Proof of stable income.

    We want to help you, no matter your bad credit history, but it IS imperative to be able to pay your future obligations.

  • At least 18 years old or over.

Obviously, you must be of legal age to sign commercial agreements.

After approving the quote, a loan agreement is automatically generated and sent to the email address you submitted in the application process. When you sign the agreement electronically, you could have your loan even in 15 minutes.

Bad credit loans are a boon to those, who are suffering from bad credit. These loans make it possible for them to access cash in times of emergency. The interest rate on these loans is low, hence you can borrow a small amount and cut down your debt burden.

When you find yourself in a financial crisis, InstantInstallmentLoan.com can help you to stay above water until you can get your finances in order.

What is a payday loan for bad credit? When you have bad credit, payday loans can really help you keep your options open.

But you do not have to simply put up with a payday loan no matching service compay that does not give you the money you need. You do not have to make endless phone calls or try to find someone who will loan you the money you need. You don’t even have to be without a car or a house to get a payday loan.

With InstantInstallmentLoan.com service your cash advance is guaranteed secure, your money is deposited into your bank account on the same day you apply, and your money is usually in your account within a week.

Instead, with a cash advance from a traditional bank or other lender, you can wait weeks, or even months, for the check to arrive and then pay it down with whatever income you have left.

You may find yourself falling behind on those bills and you’ll end up even losing your house. That is the worst case scenario of bad credit card loans. But when you use a cash advance from a payday loan company, you really don’t have to worry about any of that because their fees are so much lower than your bank charges.

Since our payday loans are short term loans, you are able to manage the same conveniently and you don’t need to spend a lot of time, applying for these loans.

InstantInstallmentLoan.com is one of those few services that offer bad credit payday loans. We accept applications online and approve them quickly. Our fees are reasonable. We will not hassle you at all when it comes to getting your money. And we keep our client’s information confidential. Even if you have bad credit score, you will still be approved.

Some people don’t think about payday loans and choose to take a cash advance on a credit card. This is not a good choice, as the rates are usually a lot higher. In addition, if you do this, you may run into problems with your credit card company, as they might end up reporting your debt to a debt collector, which could result in extra late charges.

If you have bad credit, you should avoid using these. Even if you can get payday loans no matter where you get them, it’s better than go with credit card cash advances, as they are much easier to control and they won’t report late payments to your credit card company.

InstantInstallmentLoan.com services are fast and easy, as we do not require paper work. Our online payday loans are approved quickly, as they do not depend on the personal credit historial of the borrower. Our loans do not run form matching services neither as we are a direct lender.

If you are a resident, and you need cash immediately, then our low interest payday loans are the perfect option for you. The loan tenure may vary according to your choice. The repayment period may range anywhere between one month to two years.



Payday matching services connect you to a network of payday loan lenders, including some offline payday loan lenders or lenders who have no online presence other than through a payday loan network

The key difference is that payday direct lenders are responsible for underwriting, funding, and servicing your payday loan whereas payday loan matching services only collect your information, screen it, and then send it to lenders. In other words, payday matching services act as the middle person between you and the lender that will be servicing your payday loan.


Toggle ContentGet cash in just minutes. You can apply for an online Payday Loan from the comfort of your own home in less than 4 minutes. Instant Installment Loans.com can get you a loan to fit even your most urgent needs. 

We specialize in making it easy to qualify and get the money you need when you need it most. Low rates, flexible repayment options and convenient transaction hours make it easy for you to apply, get a decision and get the funds in a simple process – all in a matter of minutes.

For all those that need a payday loan and don’t want to go through the hassle of matching or faxing documents and credit checks, InstantInstallmentLoan.com is for you.

Payday loans have become very popular in many different parts of the world for numerous reasons. Most people who apply for these loans end up getting approved, so you should have any issues. There is also the fact that you can get a payday loan regardless of what your credit is currently like. Even if you have an extremely low score and bad record, there is still a decent change of approval.

Lots of people have started using payday loan matching services online because of how useful and efficient they are. It takes all of the guesswork out of choosing a lender and allows you to get the best overall deal. The fact is that it can be fairly easy to spend too much with a payday loan if you aren’t careful. This is all the more reason to seriously consider using one of these websites. It will help you to get the loan you need without any problems whatsoever. Just make sure you choose a secure and reputable site to apply with.

It is important that you use the right website to help you find the perfect match with a lender for the payday loan you want. Make sure that you look for websites with extensive databases. There are some sites that have a network just 20 or so lenders, while others have hundreds. The larger the business’s lender network, the better your chances will be of getting an incredible overall deal. You should also focus on the overall reputation of the site. Take some time to read reviews for these services before selecting one in particular to sign up with.

Some of the main advantages of using a payday loan matching service include:

  • Save time: You can save hours in exhausting research by using this type of online service.
  • Save money: Another huge benefit of going through a loan matching site is that you will be able to save money. This service will find you a lender that can offer the best possible deal, so you won’t have to spend as much on interest and fees.
  • Trustworthy: A vast majority of these sites are very trustworthy and highly reputable, so you will have nothing to worry about.
  • It’s simple: Using a payday loan matching service is very simple and doesn’t take much time at all. The entire process is very straightforward, and it will take you through it step by step.
  • Secure: You will quickly find that these websites are completely secure and protect your information so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Anyone who wants to get a payday loan but doesn’t have the time to do a lot of research to find the right lender should consider this option. It can save you a ton of time while ensuring that you get exactly what you need. With all of the different private lenders that give out payday loans, this type of service can be very useful.

When you sign up with a payday loan matching website (which is usually free, though some of them charge fees), you will need to submit some basic information. You will need to tell them how much money you want to borrow and other important details. They will use this information to match you find a lender that can satisfy all of your requirements.

You will receive an email notification when a match is found. In order to be matched with a lender, your application needs to be approved. This process usually doesn’t take more than a day or two, so it is very quick.

You’ll also be given a contract to sign between you and the lender. This will make the loan official and allow you to receive your funds. Make certain that you look over the loan agreement in detail before signing so you don’t have any regrets later on. This document will give you all the important information pertaining to your loan.

The money you get from the loan will be electronically transferred into your bank account. This means that you won’t have to worry about driving anywhere to pick up and return any paperwork.

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