Installment loans are loans that are paid off over a given period of time, as you may know. You make payments in installments until the debt is paid off. This may be four weeks or four months, but they’re rarely stretched out longer than that. As we already examined its advantages, is time to check the disadvantages of installment loans. We’ll also share a few observations about installment loans that are not clear points for or against them.

Disadvantages of Installment Loans

Getting an installment loan is a common way to get through major unexpected financial responsibilities in life. Thanks to the rise of online business and ecommerce, financial institutions are also moving their business to the internet. That means installment loans are more accessible and convenient than ever. So, if you are looking to get an installment loan, should you look online? To help you find the answer, we put together a list of the disadvantages of installment loans, so you can take an informed decision.

Installment loans may be One-Time Only

Installment loans are difficult to restructure, this is the first disadvantage of installment loans. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to add to your loan amount if you find you need more. These loans do not allow you to continue borrowing, which sets them apart from lines of credit, when you may still need access to additional funding in emergency situations.

On the one hand, this can be seen as a benefit, because is preventing borrowers from getting into more debt. With a credit card or a line of credit, you may borrow money repeatedly, which cand rapidly take your financial situation even more difficult.

Por this reason, doing preliminary calculations and obtaining the right amount of money are essential steps, and that means you will not have difficulty managing finances later. Unlike other loans, you will get a higher-than-average loan without collateral by having a monthly installment loan.


dissadvantages of installment loans
Disadvantages of Installment Loans

Installment loans may has additional charges

Even borrowers who think far ahead and budget carefully are not protected against force majeure situation. Those who default on their loans may lose their collateral, and they are sure to see their credit score fall. This may render them unable to take out other loans because they no longer qualify for them. Avoid maxing out your debt-to-income ratio. Installment loans are handy, but they are not as flexible as credit cards or other lines of credit, as we previously discussed.

Some lenders will also charge you with special fees. Home loans may include closing costs, while the origination fee for a personal loan may add between 1 and 8% of the borrowed amount. The most expensive form is payday loans. The interest may reach 400% over a 12-month period.

This is why you need to ne careful despite the convenience, installment loans are obligations that must be met. Failure to make payments may result in serious consequences.

This is not mandatory for all installment loans. Interest might not be charged on some installment loans. But keep in mind that if interest is charged, then the interest rate might depend on the type of installment loan and the borrower’s credit score. Those with lower scores may get higher interest rates. And the higher the rate, the more you could end up paying for the loan.

Installment loans may increase your debt

Installment loans can be a great tool for consolidating debt such as credit card balances, but they do not address the cause of the debt. When you pay your credit cards off with ainstallment  loan, it frees up your available credit limit. For overspenders, this offers an opportunity to rack up more charges rather than free themselves from debt.

Since you don’t have a banker to walk you through the meaning of terms, you have to make sure you know what you are getting into. You should be well versed in interest rates, payment periods, and terms of the loan. You need to know when you have to pay, the minimum payments, and how long you will be paying back the loan for. This is a good time to obtain finant

As many person barely understand what is an installment loan, this is a good time to start learning financial education to be financially responsible for your debts. And it may also be time to visit an emotional counselor if the source of the debt is due to compulsive shopping.

disadvantages of Installment Loans
Disadvantages of Installment Loans

Installment Loans may has early payments penalty.

Did you know that with some lenders you can actually get a penalty for paying off your debt early? Less reputable lenders are known to hide this fine print. Not all lenders are created equal and it’s those with bad credit that are often hit the hardest by predatory lenders. It sounds crazy, but it happens all the time.

Luckily, an instalment loan can easily be paid before the actual ending date of the loan term. Therefore, anyone who can pay back the loan before time should do it as it can save them from paying too much interest. However, some installment loans may have prepayment penalties. This is a penalty you’ll owe if you pay off the loan early.

Some disadvantages of installment loans is that may come with long repayment terms. That means a borrower has to commit to making regular payments over a long period of time. And be sure to read through the loan’s terms and conditions to see if there are any penalties for paying the loan off early.

Installment loans may lead to unexpected long deadlines

Installment loans are generally based on your stated income. If you don’t get several full work shifts or overtime as expected, you could end up in a cash crunch. If you have to restructure the loan such as asking the lender to reduce the payments and stretch them out over time, you will end up paying much more than originally planned.

Since the full total payment amount is broken into a set amount of months, it is possible to work the tiny amounts into the spending plan. You can easily spend your loan off at an appropriate rate. You will not be caught right into a period of debt.

Installment loans may lead to unexpected long deadlines
Disadvantages of Installment Loans

Installment Loans may has Phishing Risk

One of the disadvantages of installment loans that few people think about when looking for one on the internet is that many websites pose as installment lenders when they’re really phishing for your financial information. Phishing is a type of online scam where criminals impersonate legitimate organizations via email, text message, advertisement or other means in order to steal sensitive information.

Basically any service on the Internet has the possibility of being a target of Phishing (yeah, even your free e-mail account) so it is important to have education on the subject and take security precautions so as not to be a victim of these scams. In particular, be careful to listen to your common sense.

No legitimate lender will ask for your bank login information, though they may ask for the bank account number so they can deposit the money in the account. They’ll ask for identification. They will not demand upfront payment before you can receive money. Never submit your personal information to a “lender” who doesn’t have a valid address, phone number and other basic business contact information

Disadvantages of Installment Loans can be solved.


Like everything in life, there are advantages and disadvantages of installment loans. However, after reading this article you will surely have realized that the disadvantages of installment loans can be easily avoided with preparation, order and education. This is the reason why it is one of the most popular financing tools among the general population.

Installment Loans Can Unlock the Future. Installment loans are one of the lesser-recognised styles of loans, in spite of truly being the most common type of loan used by borrowers. Often instances those loans include one of a kind names like ‘auto loans’ or ‘private loans’ – however any loan you compromise to pay again in installments is in the end an installment loan.

Remember, there are lots of various styles of installment loans. The diverse styles of loans include diverse pay periods, and relying at the styles of installment loans, your rate costs is probably constant or variable. Just pay attention when you are signing up to your installment loan, and make certain you’ve got got a plan to make certain you can paid for.

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