How Actual Payday Lenders Can Help You Avoid Brokers

Many people wonder if actual payday lenders and direct lenders are the same thing. In general, they are not. The truth of the matter is that both of them offer a loan to someone that may need it immediately. Although it’s most common for customers to receive their payday loans online, there are still some traditional ways of getting these types of loans.

There are also a few things to know about these two types of lending options that will allow you to decide whether or not you should ever see an actual lender or broker. Most of the time, both of them offer borrowers short term loans at interest rates that are pretty much below prime interest rates. However, these types of lenders short term loans are not always backed by the strongest lending institutions in the country.

As far as actual payday lenders are concerned, they can actually help you secure funding in a lot of ways. However, many people do choose brokers over actual lenders because they offer better rates and more options. The biggest difference between the two is that brokers are actually financial institutions that lend money to customers.

This means that they have a lot more to lose when you default on your loan. They make sure that they only lend to people with good credit histories and that they use a process called collateral verification to make sure that you really have a good reason for wanting to borrow from them.


Benefits of payday loans online direct lenders.

So what’s so special about InstantInstallmentLoan.com? Where is the benefit? In a nutshell, we as the actual payday loan lender, will gather your application information, review it, run it through our  system, and then either approve you or deny you. This process generally takes short time to complete, so simple.

This is also where InstantInstallmentLoan.com has an interest in helping borrowers that find themselves trapped in a cycle of debt, with access to online savings programs via its commercial partners, and a wealth of financial education modules that aim to help all of its customers.

Now, here’s the great part about InstantInstallmentLoan.com: if you apply for a secured short-term loan from us, you can expect to get approval even without having good credit.


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How to get an actual payday loan.

If you’re looking for a single payday loan, and are comfortable with relatively short terms, Instant Installment Loan is an excellent choice as is one of the more reputable payday loan lenders, operating in 30 states, and offering loans to customers with low credit scores.

Through InstantInstallmentLoan.com, getting an approval payday loans is as easy as filling out an online applicationAlthough logically, no company can grant a loan without first verifying some minimum requirements, with us the requirements are really surprisingly flexible.

  • Reside in the US.

    If you want payday loans from us, the first requirement is to be an adult residing in the United States, national or resident with a job, guarantor or proof of some kind of stable income.

  • Fill the form.

    Our quote request process is simple. Simply submit basic personal information and let our loan comparison software do all the work 100% online. .

  • Sign the agreement.

    After approving the quote, a loan agreement is automatically generated and sent to the email address you submitted in the application process. When you sign the agreement electronically, you could have your loan even in 15 minutes.

You will have to complete an application form which will usually take around 2 minutes or so. It asks basic questions about your personal and financial information. Once this information has been verified, you will be offered a fast cash payday loan as soon as possible.

Of course, these aren’t the only things that an actual payday lenders as InstantInstallmentLoan.com can do to benefit the borrower. One of the best things of services online, is that nobody but the borrower know they’re offering it. With the Internet, you don’t have to be embarrassed about asking for help.

So don’t be afraid to approach us, we are willing to help you too.

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